Globally Connected

Artisan Capital Partners has a truly unparalleled network of buyers and sellers that spans the globe. Our network goes 5 digit deep and include vetted and qualified industrial bakery market participants including bakery manufactures, bakery dealers, bakery equipment manufacturers system integrators, distributors and more.

Experts in Industrial Bakery Machinery

We specialize in buying and selling used industrial bakery machinery – from single machines, to full production lines, to complete manufacturing facilities. Our team has many decades of experience in the purchase and disposition of used equipment for the industrial bakery industry.

Financial Strength

Artisan Capital Partners is financially backed by high-net-worth individuals, a global auction house for the food and beverage industry and financial institutions. This strategic backing provides Artisan Capital Partners the financial strength to orchestrate deals of all sizes and complexity, efficiently and reliably.

Latest From Bridgeland

Top Reasons To Work With Us!

At Artisan Capital Partners we want to hear from you, and we appreciate your business. Here are some of the most advantageous reasons for you to want to either buy from or sell to us, request an appraisal or handle all your bakery equipment needs.

  1. Superior Customer Service

    While we are striving to supply high quality equipment and provide unmatched solutions to our customers, we recognize that you have other options and that without providing you a superior and personal service you will not do business with us.

    Put it simple – from the moment you will approach us, we will make any effort to become your trusted advisor, which to us, really means the following commandments:

    • Your interests come before ours.
    • We invest in a long term relationship with you, and not for the one off gain
    • We genuinely want to know you and understand your business
    • We will try to deepen our understanding of your underlying interests and not settle for obvious “asks” or “wants”
    • We “walk the walk” and deliver on what we promise we will do
    • We will be personal and approachable at all times
    • We will always maintain our credibility. This means we remain laser focused on what we are experts in – food & beverage machinery
    • We will remain passionate and enthusiastic about what we do for as long as we do it

  2. Open Book Policy

    If we are selling on your behalf, we automatically assume an irrevocable undertaking to allow you to view data and financial information relating to the costs incurred and and proceeds received from any of your assets sold through us. We commit to be 100% transparent.

  3. Reliability and Certainty

    We put a premium on reliability since we understand how essential our service is to our clients. For us, it firstly translates into giving you your money as soon as possible and in full. Bridgeland comes to every transaction with a unique financial strength that guarantees our customers an instant payment for all our purchases. Beyond payment certainty, we put a premium on reliability in everything we promise to deliver. Whether it is concluding removal procedures on time, leaving your site broom swept clean, or avoiding interruption to your ongoing business operations, you can count on experiencing a predictable and reliable outcome… every single time, every single moment.

  4. Global Coverage

    We named our company Bridgeland because that is what we do – bridging between buyers and sellers from all over the world. Our customers around the globe benefit from our extensive network that allows them a unique ability to find the exact equipment that they need, even if it is 10,000 miles away, or control where their equipment will be sold. When we have something for sale, we make sure equipment buyers know about it regardless of where they are. With offices in three continents we are positioned to do business and be responsive at any time of day!

  5. Soup to Nuts Capabilities

    Our mission is to create liquidity solutions for our customers in the used industrial food & beverage machinery and equipment.  This mission guides us to elevate beyond a specific product or service, and into a new business – the business of creating liquidity solutions for our customers. Learn more about our “one stop shop” solutions here.