About Us

Bridgeland-Advisors was established to help early stage companies and founders navigate through the rather complex world of capital raising and company valuation. These two are interlinked as strategically positioning your business increases your company’s valuation, and without a proper valuation, your capital raising strategy can be affected drastically.

We build upon our deep sector expertise, network of contacts and our professionals many years of combined experience in company valuations, capital raising, M&A legal, financing and accounting backgrounds to give our customers the right advice and creating value for those we serve. See our Services to lean more about our offerings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be widely respected and recognized as a leading independent valuation professional services firm. We strive to be the preferred choice for early stage companies looking for capital raise and valuation services. We seek to surpass our customers’ expectations and be their trusted partner for future and repeated assignments.

We will remain at all times committed to offer premium product, outstanding customer service while remaining affordable so that our customers know they can work with us with confidence that we are being exceptional partners.

Our Management

Eran Ben-Avi
Managing Partner
Eran Ben-Avi is a proven executive with over 15 years of investment banking, corporate law, corporate finance, strategy, M&A and private placements experience.
Or Zorea
Managing Partner
Or is a Finance and Business Development executive with 7+ years of experience in startups and global companies across all aspects of corporate finance.